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Participation Types

Three ways to participate in your Learning Community





Participation Types


Take Classes, participate in discussion, download information from the Info Store or the Library.


Help others learn what you know, and in the process learn more about what you know.


Make money by grading others’ skills.  Also help mentor others.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Grader Make Money

The @lantis School does not charge for knowledge acquisition.  However, there is a cost to graded.  Graders charge learners to assess their skills. 

Why is Vetting So Important

In order to better evaluate information.

How does the @lantis School Make Money

The @lantis School makes money by taking a percentage of the grading cost.  And through the sale of premium Information. 

How does a Teacher Build a Class

The @lantis School provides an easy class creation and maintenance platform 

Still Not Sure If the @lantis School Is Right for You?

Browse some of our classes, visit our Library, or shop in the Info Store and see if there is any information that may help you thrive.