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George Boole

The British mathematician George Boole is best known for his work on Boolean logic which was named after him and is very important in computing and electronics. November 2nd 2015 is Boole's 200th birthday if such a thing makes any sense. We like to celebrate famous...

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Marshell McLuhan

I feel that we're standing on the threshold of a liberating and exhilarating world in which the human tribe can become truly one family and man's consciousness can be freed from the shackles of mechanical culture and enabled to roam the cosmos. I have a deep and...

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Noam Chomsky Interview

Noam Chomsky discusses the evolution of language and lays out the biolinguistic perspective — the idea that a human being’s language represents a state of some component of the mind. The important contribution Chomsky is making here is about “Biolinguistics.” Because there is a genetic “biological” foundation to communication, understanding how our biology influences our language development and use will help us better master communication.

The reason I post it here is for the community to find stuff in this Noam Chomsky Interview that we can use to add to our overall community learning. Updated Feb. 2024.

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The Transmission Model of Communication

Description of the Transmission Model of Communication, with a focus on Claude Shannon. Discussions of the components, architecture, constraints, and applications of the Transmission Model of Communication. And, how it has led to the development of the Fractal Model of Communication. Updated March 2023.

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