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Argument 1 – People Communicated better in the Past.

Many suggest that things were better in the past.

This has been going on from the beginning of us. We like to complain that kids today don’t know what they should know.

We like to complain that there is too much media influence on people today.

Counter Argument – People Communicate Better today than at any time in history.

This is my opinion.

Life is an average! And “on average” we are getting better information today than anything in the past.

All my publishing is intended to find out if I am right or not.

This class can help resolve this argument.

Recognize that I will not change my beliefs easily. Just as I recognize you will not change your beliefs easily.

However, if we have the same goal of finding the “best” answer for each of us we could find the best answer for both of us in the process.

I think of this as the way musicians create music collaboratively.