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The Future of Education is Streamed Media

In the past, I used to buy music on vinyl records.  I would put them on a "turntable" and play them.   Now I buy music subscription services and stream my music.   In the past, I used to buy news from newspapers and magazines.  Now I buy news subscription services and...

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eLearning Trends

Training remote learners and driving performance gain over distance is the new reality. With an increase in work from home, it has led to a need to have an Agile and Flexible Digital Workplace. Organizations need to create a digital workplace that can easily move from...

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George Boole

The British mathematician George Boole is best known for his work on Boolean logic which was named after him and is very important in computing and electronics. November 2nd 2015 is Boole's 200th birthday if such a thing makes any sense. We like to celebrate famous...

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How to Build a Core Competency

Your Core Competency is made of the 3 or 4 basic things you do that set the foundation for what you can accomplish. This Lesson helps you develop your Core Competencies. Core Competencies offer access to a wide variety of markets. Contribute significantly to your success. And, are difficult for competitors to imitate. Updated March 2024.

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History of Writing

This lesson on the History of Writing is intended to help the community establish a baseline understanding of the communication forces that influence our personal understanding of the world around us. By better understanding the history writing, we can better understand the natural laws that influence our decision-making today.

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Communication Skills

The Most Important Communication Skills Needed to Improve your Decision Making And Information Gathering. Becoming a great communicator – what does it mean and what does it take? Communication Styles De-Coded: How to identify and understand the different communication...

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