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Arguments - Public Speaking - Congress - Founding Fathers
Platform Accountability and Consumer Transparency Act S-4066

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Ira Gorelick

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March 19, 2021

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About This Course

This course offers lessons to help your child improve their interpersonal relationships by improving their ability to listen.

Course Summary

Improve your child’s Listening communication skills.

Informative lesson plans, fun activity ideas, and additional resources allow you to work with your child to increase their Interpersonal Communication

  • The Communication Process
  • Communication Research and Inquiry
  • Verbal Communication
  • Non-verbal Communication
  • Listening


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Reading List Plato’s...

Educational Blockchain

Educational Blockchain

Just as a “Cryptocurrency” Blockchain is intended to build trust in digital financial transactions.  An “Educational” Blockchain is intended to build trust in digital educational transactions. Trust is needed since digital transactions are not reality; they just represent reality.  Trusting that the transaction represents what it suggests it represents is critical for educational valuation. It helps the learning answer the question, Will this learning help me? Updated Feb. 7, 2024

Ritual Model of Communication – 2023

Ritual Model of Communication – 2023

The ritual model of communication is a communications theory proposed by James W. Carey.

A ritual view of communication holds that we communicate not just to pass information, but more importantly, as a way to connect with others in order to maintain our communities. Updated Sept 2023.

12 Lessons From Some Great Presentators

Embrace the Anxiety A fear of public speaking is not just common; it is innate. Our ancestors had to be accepted into social groups in order to survive, instead of standing out and being alone (and then possibly being a predator’s dinner!). We have to acknowledge our...