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The Left is Bad

There's an old story from the early 20th century Russian empire. It goes something like this: A man on the street yells, “Nikolay is a moron!” A police officer hears this, and thinking that the guy is referring to the Tzar, Nicholas II, the cop arrests the man. The...

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Liberals are “Leftist Thugs.”

Ann Coulter argues that “Leftist Thugs” exist to suppress conservative college students. This an example of “Indoctrination” by “conservatives” to conservative thought, as Coulter puts it, “The principles that make America Great.”

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Ptah Hotep Wrote About Being Polite

Egyptian sage Ptah Hotep wrote about being Polite around 2000 BCE. He wrote a guidebook for enhancing interpersonal communication skills. Ptah Hotep encouraged people to be truthful, kind, and tolerant in their communication. He urged active listening and emphasized mindfulness in word choice, noting that “good words are more difficult to find than emeralds.”

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