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The Skill to Focus on Intent

An important skill to master is understanding and using the “Intent” of the communication. This skill includes an understanding of everyone's intentions. Not just yours. In almost all cases, every party to the communication has a different intention.  The...

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Harold Lasswell adds Channel to the Model

Harold Dwight Lasswell (February 13, 1902 — December 18, 1978) Lasswell developed the model in 1948 to analyze mass communication and the effect of media propaganda in various countries and businesses.  The best way to model Communication is through a series of...

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Improve Communication Improve Your Life

Lessons  Introduction The Improve Communication Series is intended to help you improve your communication, so you can get better information. With better information, you can make better decisions. And better decisions will help you thrive in our hyper-connected...

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Network Neuroscience

The new discipline of network neuroscience yields a picture of how mental activity arises from carefully orchestrated interactions among different brain areas. In order to tell the difference between what we just believe and what we know we need to understand...

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List of Fallacious Arguments

Several of these have names in Latin, but I mostly ignored that and used English. If anyone is bothered by my using "he" everywhere, note that "he" is the person arguing fallaciously. Ad Hominem (Argument To The Man) Affirming The Consequent Amazing Familiarity...

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Critical Thinking

Being Critical is Not Thinking Critically! Too often in practice, people equate critical thinking with merely being skeptical of whatever they hear. Or they will interpret it to mean that, when confronted with someone who says something that they disagree with,...

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