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Liberals are “Leftist Thugs.”

Ann Coulter argues that “Leftist Thugs” exist to suppress conservative college students. This an example of “Indoctrination” by “conservatives” to conservative thought, as Coulter puts it, “The principles that make America Great.”

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The Future of Education is Streamed Media

In the past, I used to buy music on vinyl records.  I would put them on a "turntable" and play them.   Now I buy music subscription services and stream my music.   In the past, I used to buy news from newspapers and magazines.  Now I buy news subscription services and...

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Learning Communities Explained

Learning Networks ExplainedThe Differences Between @lantis Schools and Traditional SchoolsThe difference between a "Traditional School" and our "Learning Network" Traditional School Learning Network A School is established by the Central Body, Government, Business, or...

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