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The Social Dilemma Transcript – Main Arguments

Using The Social Dilemma Transcript this lesson tries to understand the influences Social Media has on the community and what should we do about it. This lesson attempts to catalog the evidence presented and validate the main arguments. Updated Oct, 2023

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Quarantine Fatigue

Quarantine Fatigue Instead of an all-or-nothing approach to risk prevention, Americans need a manual on how to have a life in a pandemic. In the earliest years of the HIV epidemic, confusion and fear reigned. AIDS was still known as the “gay plague.” To the extent...

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Network Neuroscience

The new discipline of network neuroscience yields a picture of how mental activity arises from carefully orchestrated interactions among different brain areas. Networks pervade our lives. Every day we use intricate networks of roads, railways, maritime routes and...

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Neuro Linguistic Programing

Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingSkeptics ViewI think the more you want to become more and more creative you have to not only elicit other peoples' (plural) strategies and replicate them yourself, but also modify others' strategies and have a strategy that creates new...

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Neural Networks

A Basic Introduction To Neural Networks What Is A Neural Network? The simplest definition of a neural network, more properly referred to as an 'artificial' neural network (ANN), is provided by the inventor of...

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How We Think

[ted id=2265]Great Videos of how we think. Specifically the comments about how we can take very little information and create huge conclusions. Here is a Transcript of one of them. 00:12 Imagine that you invented a device that can record my memories, my dreams, my...

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Iran J Neurol. 2014; 13(1): 52–55. PMCID: PMC3968360 PMID: 24800050 Neurotheology: The relationship between brain and religion Alireza Sayadmansourcorresponding author Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer This article has been...

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