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Improve Communication Improve Your Life

Lessons  Introduction The Improve Communication Series is intended to help you improve your communication, so you can get better information. With better information, you can make better decisions. And better decisions will help you thrive in our hyper-connected...

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The Social Dilemma Transcript – Main Arguments

Using The Social Dilemma Transcript this lesson tries to understand the influences Social Media has on the community and what should we do about it. This lesson attempts to catalog the evidence presented and validate the main arguments. Updated Oct, 2023

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People Communicated Better in the Past

Argument 1 – People Communicated better in the Past. Many suggest that things were better in the past. This has been going on from the beginning of us. We like to complain that kids today don’t know what they should know. We like to complain that there is too much...

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The @lantis School of Communication is built to offer you the breadth of knowledge you need to consider yourself (and to be considered by others) a Master of Communication.   To consider yourself a "Master of Communication" you should have these "Learning...

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Learning Communities Explained

Learning Networks ExplainedThe Differences Between @lantis Schools and Traditional SchoolsThe difference between a "Traditional School" and our "Learning Network" Traditional School Learning Network A School is established by the Central Body, Government, Business, or...

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The Transmission Model of Communication

Description of the Transmission Model of Communication, with a focus on Claude Shannon. Discussions of the components, architecture, constraints, and applications of the Transmission Model of Communication. And, how it has led to the development of the Fractal Model of Communication. Updated March 2023.

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